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Special Forces

Once upon a time, "Special Forces" was a taboo subject. In the information age, it seems this trend has stopped. Below are resources for your reading pleasure.

Previous Scholarship Recipients

2007-2008 School Year

SGM Jerry Patton - USSOCOM

Jerry Patton

Sadly, in October 2008, SGM Jerry Patton was killed during a HALO train-up, in preparation for another deployment to Afghanistan.

A true professional, Jerry Patton was an American Hero who served his country with honor and integrity.
Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

2005-2006 School Year

SGM Tommy Harveston - USASMA

2003-2004 School Year

SGM Frank Socha - USASMA (Co-Winner)
MSG William Houston - USASMA (Co-Winner)

2002-2003 School Year

SGM Ron Macauley - USASMA

2001-2002 School Year

SFC Leonard B. Casiple - 1st SFG(A)

2000-2001 School Year

SFC Richard Pledger - 3rd SFG(A)