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Special Forces

Once upon a time, "Special Forces" was a taboo subject. In the information age, it seems this trend has stopped. Below are resources for your reading pleasure.

A Tribute to a Special Forces Soldier

"The Green Beret: A Symbol of Excellence, A Badge of Courage, A Mark of Distinction in the Fight for Freedom"
USA President John F. Kennedy - April 11, 1962

SF Crest

Scholarship History...

The Master Sergeant David K. Thuma Memorial Scholarship was established with Excelsior College on May 4, 2000 by the late CSM(Ret.) Michael W. Jefferson, himself an extraordinary person among extraordinary people. Its purpose is to honor the memory of a US Army Special Forces soldier who set the standard for all who knew him, and for those who shall follow in his footsteps.

The scholarship is particularly designed for his teammates in the Special Forces (CMF 18). It is intended to eliminate most, if not all, out of pocket expenses for SF soldiers who wish to complete a degree with Excelsior College.

Rank Structure